Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics

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The directions of education at the Department:

Bachelors Degree: "Heat and Power Engineering" (6.050601), "Nuclear Energy" (6.050603), "Energy Industry" (6.050604).

Specialists Degree: "Thermal Physics" (7.05060102), "Nuclear Energy" (7.05060301), "Boilers and Reactors" (7.05060401).

Masters Degree: "Thermal Physics" (8.05060102), "Nuclear Energy" (8.05060301), "Boilers and Reactors" (8.05060401).

Specialty - "Thermal Physics" (05060102).

The education in Thermal Physics is concentrated, first of all, on training of scientists capable to carry out the research work in various fields of science and technology: energy, aviation and space technology, industry, radioelectronics and others.

Thermophysicists: carry out numerical modeling of thermal and hydrodynamic processes on the basis of modern computer codes, experimental studies of these processes, development of efficient heat exchange equipment, alternative energy research, research in energy efficiency, calculation of optimal operational modes of electronic equipment.

Specialty - "Nuclear Energy" (05060301).

Graduates in nuclear energy work with complex technical objects that use nuclear technology. Particularly they perform: control of nuclear installations, construction and decommissioning of nuclear installations, maintenance and repair of nuclear installations. They are also involved in: theoretical investigations of thermophysical processes under supercritical pressure of coolant; modeling of neutron-physical, of thermal and hydraulic processes in the equipment of nuclear installations; research on the problems of reliability and nuclear installation safety; research in risk management at nuclear power plants and work with databases; research in safety culture. They take part in the international projects on nuclear and radiation safety. This activity requires deep knowledge in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer programming, ability to work with modern computer codes, as well as knowledge of foreign languages.

Specialty - "Boilers and Reactors" (05060401).

Graduates in boilers and reactors can carry out calculations, construction, designing, maintenance, repair and adjustment of boilers, of heat and mechanical equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants. They are also experts in problems of fuel use, combustion processes, energy efficiency, environmental protection from pollution as a result of boilers operation, diagnostics and reliability of boilers and corresponding auxiliaries. Special attention in the education of professionals in this specialty is given to methods of computer designing, studying of corresponding modern graphics software packages.

This specialty was adopted at the Department of boilers which was founded in 1903. The engineers for the designing and operation of steam boilers were trained at the Department of boilers. In 1985 this Department was renamed as Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics. The heads of the Department were: Prof. Stupin O.Ya. (1903-1928), Prof. Usenko T.T. (1928 1930), Prof. Kondak M.A. (1930-1931, 1934-1938), Assoc. Prof. Serdyukov P.T. (1931-1934rr.), Academician Tolubynskyy V.I. (1938-1964), Prof. Ornatskyy A.P. (1964- 1976). Prof. Dashkiyev Yu.G. (1976 1989), Assoc. Prof. Konshyn V.I. (1989-1994). Since 1995 the Head of the Department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine Pysmennyy Ye. (Pis`mennyi E.N.).


There are well equipped research laboratories at the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics. At these laboratories under the participation of teachers, researchers and students a large amount of research and development work in the fields of conventional and nuclear energy, energy efficiency, increasing of reliability and safety of thermal and nuclear power plants, development of new highly efficient heat exchanger and methods of calculation are carried out. The equipment for cooling and thermal stabilization of on-board electronic devices of satellites based on heat pipes, compact heat exchangers for heat utilization of exhaust gases of boilers, new types of enhanced heat transfer surfaces, which can significantly reduce steel intensity of equipment, was developed at the Department.


03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polytechnichna str., 6, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Heat and Power Engineering Faculty, Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics

Phone/Fax: +38-044-406-80-87, Phone: +38-044-454-96-23



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